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Anders Morgenthaler goes Atomic!

8 December, 2021 @ 17:00 - 20:30

Anders Morgenthaler is without a doubt a man with many different talents – especially in the creative corner, he has been able to call himself an artist, author, columnist and film director.
You probably know Anders Morgenthaler best from the satirical and humorous TV and cartoon series Wulffmorgenthaler.
Anders Morgenthaler also marks himself as a prominent public debater, which he also shows as a columnist at Politiken.
Anders Morgenthaler is not only into entertainment, he lives very climate and environment conscious in his everyday life.This is expressed, for example, when he chooses transport, shopping and shopping – in the end, it is in virtually all aspects of his life.


Copenhagen Atomics is a Danish startup that is aiming to redefine the way we will solve our climate and energy problems.
Copenhagen Atomics believes that present sustainable energy sources are not sufficiently scalable to tackle the huge challenges that we are facing in order to reduce and even eliminate our CO2 emissions.
Copenhagen Atomics believe that reactors using molten salt as coolant and fuel (MSRs) and thorium as an abundant and cheap energy source is the best solution for completely changing nuclear energy and energy production in general.
A thorium based molten salt reactor is small, efficient, safe, and with an optimal waste profile including the capability of burning nuclear waste from current plants. Welcome to the future!

This event combines the climate and environment conscious and humorous mind with the vision of nuclear physics scientists to make for interesting presentation and hopefully a lively debate touching on one of the biggest challenges of our times.

When registering for the event we expect that you will comply with our hosts request concerning the current pandemic:
Generally we recommend guests to either have a corona vaccination pass or a valid negative corona test.

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I will attend the event! 🙂 


8 December, 2021
17:00 - 20:30
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