Tip-toe through the tulips, og lost translation

The 6th of December the Benelux Business Club hosted an entertaining event of what happens when two cultures meet – The Danish and the Dutch Culture.  Marieke Burgers, who is Dutch but married to a Dane gave som excellent examples. Why spell “krydder” with y, but pronounce it with ø? And why write Ishøj with ø, but pronounce it with o? Is a profanity like “for satan” really bad or okay to say as a foreigner when you’re among colleagues? Why can’t Danes pronounce “Johan Cruyff” or “Europe” “correctly”? Why do Danes drop a syllable of many words that come from Latin or Greek, French and English?

Besides Marieke’s talk, Steven Swennen gave an insight into the ongoing transformation and what to expect from the Benelux Business Club in 2017 and forward.

The event took place at an inspiring location in Christianshavn, The Rainmaking Loft, where many new entrepreneurs and promising start-ups are having offices. Due to it being a more social event a delicious buffet of finger food by Lele street kitchen was served together with beers from Denmark, Belgium and Holland.

Around 40 members attended the event.

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