Event Review: Economic Outlook 2017

Friday the 27 of January the Benelux Business Club and the French Chamber of Commerce in cooperation held the yearly economic outlook event at Skandia in Oerestaden.

Chief Economist William De Vijlder from BNP Paribas was invited to give his take on what we can expect for the upcoming year.

Around 60 people saw an enthusiastic and entertaining economist determine that we can expect a positive trend in the coming year. However one should bear in mind that the election of the new president in the United States and the entire Brexit all else equal will affect the world economy.

The event was a breakfast event, so there was plenty of opportunity for the many participants to network before and after the presentation of William De Vijlder.

About Chief economist William De Viljder

After starting in 1987 in the Economic Research Department at Belgium’s Generale Bank William De Vijlder joined the Asset Management division in 1989. He was subsequently Managing Director and Global Chief Investment Officer at Fortis Investments. When joining BNP Paribas Investment Partners in 2010, he became CIO and member of the Executive Committee. Since September 2014 he is Group Chief Economist of BNP Paribas. William has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Gent (Belgium). Since 2008, William maintains a blog on which he regularly comments on the economic and market environment. He is also active on Twitter and in 2014 he has been selected to become one of the 500 LinkedIn Influencers worldwide. William is a regular columnist for several newspapers and makes regular appearances on financial TV channels.

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